About Us


A Holistic journey for your child.

An institution where co-curricular activities are given as much importance as academics , the school ensures that not only the different learning styles of each child are incoporated but the hidden talents in each child are also discovered and encouraged.

  • Holistic Learning
  • Confidence Building
  • Safety & Security
rise n shine ratu road
rise n shine ratu road

Chairperson's Message

RISE N SHINE Play School was born in 2019 with a vision to provide an environment that is full of acceptance, freedom for exploration and love for learning.

Taking baby steps it has expanded its wings over the years, understanding, experiencing and loving children. Every effort is made to ensure that the first step of a child’s education should be playful, stress-free and full of smiles.

Besides playschool, RISE N SHINE Play School offers a Daycare facility with the world-class infrastructure and quality program for the children 0-5.5 years. The day care caters to the needs of all working parents who look for a home away from home for their child. It is ensured that the children do not miss the warmth and security of home and their physical, social and emotional needs are catered to as well.